Elevating Trusts

Family Trusts

Establishing and effectively managing family trusts is for many individuals and families a critical part of their asset and estate planning.

With the introduction of the New Zealand Trusts Act 2019 robust management of existing trusts is critical.

MoranLaw provides trusted trustee and administration services to a limited number of New Zealand Family Trusts, ensuring they are compliant with the law, effective under challenge and carry out the intent for which they were established.

Ask about our Elevated Trust Management system.


Family Office

MoranLaw partners with highly successful individuals and their families to provide tailored legal advice and administration assistance.

This not only includes trust management, but assistance with commercial investments and private financing as well as the management of assets.

MoranLaw has established relationships with investment and accounting advisers to provide a full virtual family office offering and advice to established family offices.


Asset and Estate Planning

Our team specialises in guiding families through the intricacies of asset planning and succession planning.

No family is the same and every family has their own vision for their legacy and how it is transferred to the next generation.

Our asset and estate planning services span the full range of structuring through to assistance with wills and enduring powers of attorney documentation.


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